Best Tours Around Galle.

    Gems in Galle.

    Galle is the perfect place to purchase your desired gem stones at bargain price, while you are in Sri Lanka on tour.There are lot of gem stone stores are located within the Galle Fort area.Most of the Gem merchants are certified by the Sri Lanka State Gem Corporation. You may know that the value of the precious Gems Stones never go down. So investing in it is a good idea as you can fetch a fortune after some years, when you sell it. The stones are valued at their name, weight, luster, clarity and along with its cut and polish. Usually the stones stay in the market for some months only as buyers used to buy them and lock it in their safes.

    You may know that the value of the Gem stones will never go down. They are always keeping the up ward trend in the precious stone market price. So visiting Sri Lanka will give you a good opportunity to visit the Gem pits, to watch how they cut and polish stones and so on.
    Our Sri Lanka tour will take you to Gem museums and Gem displaying stores all around the island.

    Gem Stones of Sri Lanka.

    Blue Sapphire
    Yellow Sapphire
    Star Sapphire
    Cat’s Eye
    Chrysoberyl and many more.

    Do you want to go on Gem Tour in Sri Lanka?
    If so give us a call we will arrange it for you or your family.

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